Eva Wittels - co founder- designer -art director 

Growing up with animals , Eva was forever adopting lost, injured or stray animals . It was this natural love for all animals that Eva with her family created Project Fashion Tails as an extension of their charity - Helping Homeless Animals Inc 501 (C)3 .

With her background in fashion Eva utilized her resources to produce a series of fashion shoots & portraitures to bring awareness to the plight of rescue animals. She has worked with a number of rescues, photographers, celebrities, models, makeup artists and hairstylists who all have the same passion for animals and who's collaborations are the resulting photographic artistry that is Project Fashion Tails. 

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Harrison Wittels  - co founder

Harrison's passion for helping animals started at a young age.  Inspired by his family's love for animals he decided to get involved in rescue work.  Through his relationships in the fashion industry he has been able to collaborate with talent throughout the US that have donated their time and resources to this worthy cause.

He is the man behind the scenes.