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The plight of homeless and displaced animals is devastating. Shelters today are overcrowded and domestic animals are left on the roadside to fend for themselves. Pet shops and breeders continue to sell animals to the general public without regard to conditions or quality of life. It is up to all of us to make this world a better place for animals. Helping animals and promoting awareness of animal cruelty is not a new concept. However, homeless animals still do not receive the attention they deserve. Too many warm and caring animals are neglected, abused and eventually euthanized, for lack of homes. In 1998, the Wittels family opened their arms and home to this cause, hoping that they could make a difference. Helping Homeless Animals Inc., is an all volunteer, no kill, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that owns and operates its own shelter. More than ten years later, Helping Homeless Animals has helped find countless homes and has saved hundreds of animals from being put down. 

Helping Homeless Animals' mission is to encourage foster care and provide assistance to smaller rescue groups. Additionally, through education and awareness campaigns like the Fashion Tails Project, Helping Homeless Animals can facilitate finding homes for these animals and emphasize the importance of foster adoptions.