Project FT


The situation that homeless and displaced animals face nationwide is startling. Millions of animals throughout the United States are euthanized each year. With a family background in fashion, the Wittels, founders of the 501(c)3 animal rescue, Helping Homeless Animals (HHA), are taking a different and unique approach to awareness campaigns – putting together a series of high fashion photo shoots with world famous fashion photographers, celebrities, high fashion models and animals from rescues all over the country. The goal is to develop a new and unique approach to combating animal abuse and neglect through the use of positive images. Photos will be used for the “Adopt A New Attitude” awareness campaign which will be displayed in exhibits across the country.

Project Fashion Tails is a mix of Photographic Art, Interactive Live Performance, and the Public Display of love, affection, communication, and giving between animals and humans. The process of adopting animals is art in and of itself. “Adopt A New Attitude” represents the next generation of charity where the distinction between commercial gallery settings and non-profit organizations fall away, allowing all involved to make a change in their community. “Adopt A New Attitude” features the work of 40 world-renowned fashion photographers. Each photograph features a celebrity or high fashion model with animals up for adoption. Striking a balance between couture and ethical responsibility, these works present an opportunity for the worlds of fashion, art, entertainment and activism to combine in order to save innocent lives. “Adopt A New Attitude” is about more than art and fashion; it’s about helping animals.